Airlift (2016)


GeAirliftnre: Drama and thriller

Star Cast: Akshay Kumar and Nimrit Kaur

Director: Raja Menon

Writer: Ritesh Shah, Suresh Nair, Raja Menon and Rahul Nangia





If you don’t know already, since I’m a week late (apologies), the movie is based on a true story of a man who rescues over One Lakh Fifty Thousand Indian refugees from Kuwait during the Kuwait-Iraq war in 1990. FYI, it was and still is the biggest civil rescue mission in the history of the world. But there has been a lot of criticism about the historical inaccuracy.


The movie could have been directed better. With the impression that the trailer had left me, I expected it to be a tad bit more thrilling than it was, it fell flat in some scenes. I feel that the story deserved a better narration. The cinematography, too, wasn’t as finished as one would expect out of a movie with a budges of 300 Million Rupees.


Nimrit Kaur hasn’t done many movies and I didn’t expect much out of her, yet, she managed to disappoint me. In the first half of the movie, were I to make a comparison, if Aksha Kumar’s acting was Hyderabad Biryani, Nimrit Kaur’s was a three-day-old bland Shaahi Paneer with extra colouring. However, she performed better in the second half, thank God for that. There was only one actor whose performance was worse than Nimrit’s and that is Inaamulhaq. Why couldn’t they have hired a Middle Eastern actor to do the role?


My favourite character was Ibrahim Durrani played by Purab Kohli, not only because he’s cute but also because he performed well and did justice to his role. In fact, there were various characters with small roles that did a fab job.


Talking about the playlist of the movie, I would have liked the song Dil Cheez Tujhey Dedi if only I didn’t already know that the music was copied from an Arabic song Didi originally sung by Cheb Khalid, yup! That’s where you’ve heard it before. Nonetheless, Soch Na Sake is on repeat on my ipod this week.


To sum it up, it could have been a rocket lift but it didn’t even pass to be an airlift. Should you watch it? Hell yeah! Only because the story and the actual people, who witnessed the Kuwait-Iraq war, deserve recognition, Indians settled all over the world, need to watch it. But just once would do.


Since the movie’s name is Airlift I’d like to rate it in flights (basically just starts but I’ll be using the word ‘flights’). I give it 3 out of 5 flights. There. 🙂


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