NYX Wonder Stick

So I recently bought a NYX Wonder Stick Medium/ Tan shade (Need I mention, I had been looking for it everywhere!) There are three other shades Light, Deep and Universal, you’ve got to pick one according to your skin tone (obviously).


It basically follows the mechanics of a lipstick case only rather than a lipstick it has a highlighter on one side and contour on the other. I have to confess, it is such a lifesaver.


First of all it is easy to use, I am a beginner at make up and have just started to pick up on the basics of it, this stick makes life so much easier.

Secondly, if you pick the right shade it will most likely blend really well with the skin and lasts fairly long. It has a creamy texture to it and doesn’t make the face cakey. I like my makeup to have a natural look to it, so the shade I chose was pretty satisfactory. If you wish to show off the highlighting and contouring, I suggest you buy a darker shade because the stick of your own shade may not be very apt for the job.


For day-to day-use, I only apply Wonder Stick, since I prefer keeping my make-up as minimal as possible. However, on special occasions I have to use powdered highlight and bronzer with the NYX Wonder Stick for a heavier look.



My skin is quiet sensitive, so I have to be extra careful about the products I use, especially on my face. NYX Wonder Stick reacted very well with my skin.


Thirdly, its pretty mobile, fits anywhere.



Being an Indian, concealers are a need for my dark under eyes, but the highlighter of NYX Wonder Stick has eliminated my need to buy a concealer. And I have never had to go through the process of applying red lipstick and then concealer over it to hide my patches. NYX Wonder Stick does the job just fine.


The stick is also fairly economical, depending on where you buy it from, I bought mine from Lifestyle was in the range of 60s and the same thing costs Dh 90 at Sephora, and ranges from Dhs 70-99 online.


It is quite literally a “wonder stick”.


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