Sunsilk Dry Shampoo

So when dry-shampoo was the talk of the town I had decided to buy one and try it for myself. Sure, curiosity was a factor and I wanted to see what everybody had been talking about but also, the second I was told that it is a must for oily hair and that I wouldn’t need to wash my hair every alternate day (because my scalp and skin are extremely dry and oily at the same time 😦 ) I just HAD to rush to the store and grab the lifesaver for my self.


For all those of you, reading this post, who don’t know what a dry shampoo is or what it does, here’s a tiny description:


Basically dry shampoo is a dry powdery substance that helps absorb oil off your hair without having to shampoo/wash your hair. It is usually available in the form of a spray. It comes in handy when you’re running late and do not have the time to wash your hair or if, like me, you have oily hair which require shampooing every alternate day.


For best results it is advised to use dry shampoo before going to bed or a few hours before you’re heading out. Spray the shampoo at the roots and massage it gently on your scalp.


Coming back to my experience, I bought a Sunsilk Dry Shampoo especially for greasy hair and followed the instructions as they were provided at the back of the bottle. The reason I chose Sunsilk is because it is a brand I am well familiar with and also because it was easy on my petite coffer (it is cheap). Now, the whole point of a dry shampoo is to absorb the oil, however, in my case the results were quite the opposite. My hair became even oilier than they already were.


Do not get me wrong though, maybe I didn’t apply the product as it was suppose to be applied or followed the instructions wrong. Because I have read reviews of other bloggers and the dry shampoo seemed to have worked out for them just fine. Also, because my first time experience was quite disappointing I never bothered to make the same mistake the second time, perhaps if I try it the next time, the results may differ. I will keep you guys updated, should I decide to give Sunsilk Dry Shampoo another try.


Nonetheless, I am in dire need of a dry shampoo to make my life a tad bit easier, so if you know something that has worked for you please do let me know.


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