Maybelline New York- Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Primer



If I haven’t mentioned before, here it is, my interest in make up and beauty is rather new. So, please don’t be shocked when I say that Baby Skin is the first face primer that I bought and recently, too.


It was the best decision of my life! I have always heard people talk about face primers and what they do, but now I know for myself that this baby is a real game changer.


I have oily skin and my pores flash themselves like the world is all about them, Baby Skin face primer is essentially used to erase pores. Not only does it erase pores, but boy my face has never felt softer before!! (Please notice my excess use of exclamation marks, being used purely for the purpose of conveying how happy this product makes me)


It has a cute packaging too. And might I leave out the most important detail, it cost me Dhs 45. I bought mine from Lifestyle but I’m pretty sure they have the same in other make up and beauty stores, can’t promise that the price would be the same.


For all those of you, who do not know what exactly is a face primer used for: It is basically applied before make up to make it last longer. Also it helps in efficient and sufficient application of make up, which means you will not be wasting your precious products to thin air (literally).


Am I satisfied with the product? Hell yes! Does it do its job well? More than what I had been expecting. Did is suite my sensitive skin? Yup! Am I going to use it on a daily basis! Without a doubt! Do I think I need to try out it’s substitutes, not for the time being, no. Take my word for it if you have oily skin and pores, Baby Skin is the solution to your problems.


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