Pleasant Surprise: Zaroob


There is this one place, which always caught my eyes every time I drove from one end of the Sheikh Zayed Road to another, Zaroob. If you have lived your life in Dubai long enough then you may be familiar with the old Hard Rock Café with two humongous guitars at its entrance. And if you’re in your 20’s now then you know exactly how It felt when you passed by it and comforted yourself saying “when I grow up, this is going to be the first place I visit”, and you also are aware of how heart-breaking it was when they demolished it and you never really had the opportunity to go there.


Well, basically, that’s the kind of feeling I had for Zaroob. Its Quirky setting has, time and again, enticed me to have a closer look at it and have a dining experience there. There is something about its aura that really appeals to me. I have usually thought to myself that one day, someday, I’ll go and grab a dinner at Zaroob.


Yesterday turned out to be that day, almost accidentally. My friend and I were on Palm Jumeirah, contemplating life and enjoying the sunset by the shore. It was indeed a beautiful day and we’re talking about Dubai in June, so when I say it was beautiful I mean it was pleasant enough for us to choose to sit outside for dinner and not regret our decision.

Palm Jumeirah

Anyway, since it is Ramadan, we waited for the clock to strike 7:16 pm (the Iftaar timings for 14th June in Dubai) before we started our hunt for food. We Zomato-ed a few places within our close proximity and, to my pleasant surprise, ended up in Zaroob.


I was finally there!


The interior of Zaroob was as vibrant as always, with fairy lights, lanterns, colourful walls, varying seating arrangements and an over all street market kind of look. But it was a little disheartening that they hadn’t lit up the outdoor seating arrangement just as well.


Zaroob serves Mediterranean cuisines and there is no doubt that the food was good. The waiters were cooperative and friendly too. We ordered a Shawarma platter, a bucket of fries and a lemon juice.

Shawarma Platter and French Fries

I have to admit I’m very picky about fries and Zaroob just made it to my “I don’t mind having fries from there” list. It sort of made me a little happy that they served garlic sauce along with the dishes and I didn’t have to order it separately (garlic sauce lover in the house yall!, I swear my breath smells minty). The lemon juice was obviously, quite sour so we had them add sugar syrup to it and they were kind enough to do so, along with refilling our drink and adding a few more cubes of ice.

Lemon Juice

Our order cost us a sum total of Dhs.53, and their portions of food were plenty enough to have satisfied the both of us. If you have a big appetite it may cost you 40-50 Dirhams more. I will definitely be taking a trip back there, hopefully this time it will be to the one on Zheikh Zayed Road.

Zaroo Ratings



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