Second Time is a Charm: Oregano (Dubai Investment Park)

I had previously visited a branch of Oregano and didn’t really have many nice things to say about it. I most certainly didn’t think that I was going to go back to Oregano because of my previous experience but a colleague had suggested that I try their lasagne; apparently it was the best she has ever tasted. So when my mother proposed that we take a trip to Oregano, the foodie in my was all excited and my immediate response was “Why not!?”, out of sheer curiosity of what their lasagne tastes like.


So we headed to the Oregano in Dubai Investment Park and boy! Was I astonished at what I saw? Their interior have an Italian touch to it and the over all setting was warm and cosy. They have witty and funny quotations hung on the walls, which kept us busy while we waited for the food to arrive.

They also have an outdoor seating arrangement, right by the lake, a perfect scene for early dinner at dusk.


My brother and I were starving so we dived straight into main course and didn’t pay any heed to the starters. Diavola Pizza (regular), Fusilli Alfredo Poll (pasta), Cheesecake and Passion Fruit Mint Cooler it was! Of course we also ordered a bottle of water (because my brother is on a diet). I loved how up-beat and interactive the attendants were. The food arrived sooner than we expected it. They also served a complimentary basket of bread with 2 kinds of sauces and a plate of dates (because its Ramadan). It made me happy that they voluntarily asked if we wanted extra Parmesan cheese and chilly flakes, without having to ask for them. The bill came up to Dhs131, which in my opinion wasn’t so bad.


It was the busiest eatery in a row of restaurants. Kids playing around, the laughter of people indulging into Oregano’s delicious dishes, kind of gave out positive vibes which made my dinner all the more special.


So we didn’t end up ordering any lasagne but this second visit to Oregano completely changed my view of them. I guess lasagne would be an excuse to make a trip there for the third time. This time, perhaps, a different branch all together because, really, third time is a charm.

Oregano ratings


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