Udta Punjab

Genre: Crime and Drama

Cast: Alia Bhatt (Interestingly, unnamed), Shahid Kapoor (Tommy/ Gabru), Diljit Dosanjh (Sartaj Singh) and Kareena Kapoor (Dr. Preet Sahni)

Director: Abhisekh Chaubey

Writer: Abhishekh Chaubey and Sudip Sharma


After much much much struggle and effort the movie was finally given a green chit and everybody knows that by now. All I can say is this movie was definitely worth the fight.

Udta Punjab is one of the best Bollywood movies I have watched in 21 years of my life. It has clearly brought forward the issue at hand that Punjab and other northern states in India are suffering from. It highlights the core issue, the people who are affected, consequences of consuming and dealing drugs and how it turns a perfectly normal being into an irrational, immoral animal.


I really appreciate that they have used one kind of transition technique through out the movie and who they ha interconnected it all. Some scenes will give you goose bumps and send chills down your spine. Sure, there are a few loopholes and weak plots such as the one where Shahid Kapoor randomly ends up at the doorstep of the house where Alia Bhatt is held captive and how everybody ends up at the same place, but then again it’s Bollywood, so its not something that I should be disappointed at.


I liked how they started the movie on a funny note and found ways to add humour to a serious script, also how they ended the movie with a note of appreciation to all those who have dedicated their lives to eradicate the problem of drugs, in India.


Talking about Alia Bhat, OMG! The woman is a brilliant actress! I can say this without a doubt, that she is one of the finest actresses in the Bollywood industry. She may have goofed up on Koffee with Karan, but man am I a fan of hers! Kudos to her acting skills! Shahid Kapoor was pretty amazing himself. Prabhjyot Sing, too, deserves a shout out for his performance. Really appreciate the decision of appointing Diljit Dosanjh, hopefully it will help revive Punjabi Cinema.

I enjoyed every bit of the movie, from the start right till the end.

Ik Kudi and Da Da Dase are on my playlist, on repeat! And I am most certainly going back to watch this movie in the theatre for the second time.


Now, I usually use the movie’s theme as a rating scale but since I have no intensions of informing the ill-informed on what the best kind of drug is, I’ll base Udta Punjab’s rating on brands of cars, when you watch the movie, you’ll know why. So, on a scale of Range Rover to Maruti Suzuki, Udta Punjab is a Buggati!


P.S: Check out the Ikk Kudi reprised version by Diljit Dosanjh on YouTube, the visuals are not a part of the film, I think its kind of cool that only the people who watch this video will know a little more of the story which is not shown in the movie.


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