Now You See Me 2

Genre: Action/Thriller/Mystery

Cast: Daniel Radcliff (Walter), Jesse Eisenberg ( Atlas), Lizzy Caplan (Lula), Dave Franco (Jack Wilder), Mark Ruffalo (Dylan), Woody Harrelson ( Merrit), Morgan Freeman (Thaddeus), Michael Caine (Arthur Tressier)

Director: jon M. Chu

Writer: Ed Solomon, Peter Chiarrelli, Boaz Yakin and Edward Ricourt


Yup, I saw. I saw it all! The movie was exciting; it had a grab on the audience right till the end. Great cinematography. Really liked the work on graphics.


Long story short WITHOUT ANY SPOILERS, the Four Horsemen got tricked and ended up in Macau, putting their lives on the line they tricked the villain and the lived happily ever after. They also revealed who “The Eye” was, honestly, I had kind of been expecting it all this while. In fact, the movie got predictive towards the end.There wasn’t must of a “surprise factor” for the movie to “hypnotise” me.


Either way, I could see some amount of work went into the story and the cast performed really well, too. I really wish Dan had a stronger character, would have made the movie a tad bit more interesting.


I was a happy seal at the start of the movie and towards the end, somewhere in the middle the movie slowed down, but it wasn’t so bad. I am a bit curious as to where the staircase ended up.

Also, was it just me or did Jesse Eisenberg look REALLY HOT?!!


I would give Now You See Me 2, 2.5 out of 5 playing cards


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