A Dash of Brown

Dash of Brown

Summer is here! Which means floral prints and vibrant colours! But why do we always have to follow what’s “IN”?

So, I had weekend plans with my family and I was in one of those “simplicity is the essence of life” kinds of mood. I recently received my much awaited Kylie Lip Gloss, True Brown K, which matched with one of my nail polishes, 750 Foxy by Revlon and my 2 in 1 eye brow pencil and gel, Brow Fantasy, also by Revlon (there goes simplicity down the drain :P).

Either way, Black, off-white and brown have always been one of my favourite combinations along with Green and Pink, Orange-yellow and pink, Grey and fluorescents, never mind the list is all too long. You’ll eventually figure it out.I feel like brown goes with anything. Have a look at this:

Brown goes with everything.jpg

I paired by high-waist black skinny from Forever 21, with my off-white lace from Naf Naf and added a dash of brown with my make up, Forever 21 d’orsay flats and a handbag of the same shade.

Didn’t do much with my hair, I let them be as they are partially because I was super late.

Here’s how my overall evening look turned out to be, I’ll leave the reviewing to you:

Dash of Brown 2.png

TIP: When you buy new leather shoes, apply moisturising cream on the inner rims to soften the material, leave it over night before wearing it. This would reduce the chances of shoe bites.


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