Sultan (Hindi)

Genre: Drama, Action and Romance

Cast: Salman Khan (Sultan), Anushka Sharma (Aarfa), Randeep Singh Hooda (Boxing coach: Fateh Singh), Amit Sadh, Kumud Mishra (Coach and Aarfa’s father)

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Writer: Ali Abbas Zafar


In all honesty, I wasn’t really planning on going for the movie after the statement that Salman Khan had unapologetically made. However, looking at the success and the feedback that the movie was receiving, I had to go and see for myself what it was all about.


Sure, as usual, the Salman fans had a huge hand at over glorifying the movie more than it should have been. I won’t say it’s the best movie I have seen, but I’d be bias if I say that the movie wasn’t worth the money I spent.


Like most Bollywood movies, this one too had it’s loopholes. I don’t think a world wrestling champion and a national star would need to collect money to establish a blood donation bank. Neither do I think that it’s practical for a wife (who is also a sports player) to be mad at a wrestling champion for not being there with her during her labour. And I must say it has to be a real coincidence that the baby born had the same blood group as that of his father and was super low on blood and the only person who could have saved him was his father who didn’t happen to be around.


Also, a few scenes were repeated all too many times. The movie would have been shorter by half an hour if it weren’t for repeated scenes.


Apart from the random loopholes the other thing that bugged me were the number of songs in the movie. I thought we were past that phase. Nonetheless, I love the title song and especially the phrase “Uppar Allah, Niche Dharti, Beech me tera Zunoon” (God above, land below and your passion in-between). It is a rather inspiring line. There are other dialogues that I loved in the movie, like the speech that Sultan Khan gives during his last fight. I’m not going to tell you what it is. I suggest you watch the movie to calm that curious cat.

A typical Bollywood happy ending, but not far from reality, and I have kind of grown to like happy endings so yay for me.

It’s ironic that the issue of women empowerment is one of the key topics addressed in the movie and Salman Khan had made such a disappointing comment.

I am a HUGE SRK fan and who isn’t familiar with the SRK-Sallu rivalry so it kind of excited me when Salman Khan defends SRK in a scene and says that he is a Sharukh Khan fan. Something you don’t get to see very often.

It is an inspiring movie, entertaining and interesting enough to make you sit through it all. The audience must take back a lesson or two from it (event though it may come from someone who’s “statements” they may not approve of) . It’s no Bajrangi Bhaijaan but it is watchable, grudges aside.

I would give the movie 3 and a half slams out of 5.




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