Huda Beauty Liquid Matte: Icon

I have been following the famous beauty blogger, Huda Kattan’s blog, Huda Beauty for many years now. As a matter of fact, her tutorials are one of the reasons that I started to fall in love with make up, in the first place.

She also has her own line of make up, obviously. For a long time now, Huda Beauty focused solely on fake lashes. This year on National Lipstick Day, Huda introduced an all new line of matte lipstick to her make up line and as much as I wanted to grab one of them the day they launched, by the time I made it to the mall which was closest to my house, they had all been out of stock.

In fact, Huda Beatuy Liquid Matte Lipsticks were out of stock through all Sephora outlets in Dubai, the very week they were launched in the market. Clearly, that is enough to highlight the make up mogul’s influence on make-up lovers in the Middle East.


So, recently I decided to revisit Sephora, after a friend of mine informed me that the lipsticks were back in stock. As excited as I was to purchase one for myself, I did not think the decision of picking one out of sixteen colours, was going to be so difficult but I decided to go for Icon. 

I kid you not, it was love at first try! I have never been this obsessed over a lipstick as I am with Huda Beauty’s Liquid Matte Icon. It’s smooth, super long lasting and I don’t think a shade has ever looked so good on me. I have had my breakfast, lunch and dinner with the lipstick on, but it hardly ever faded.

At first I though Dhs 100 was a tad bit expensive, especially because i’m only a beginner at make up, however, after having used Icon, I don’t mind spending all of my money on more of these lipsticks.

Usually, most lipsticks leave my lips dry and chapped but Icon did nothing of that sort. Ever since I bought this baby home, it is all I have used.

I’m surely going to buy all the shades that go with my skin-tone, as and when I can afford them.


Not to mention that the packaging is rather creative and it gives you a glamorous feeling, when you take the lipstick out of the packaging to apply it. I think it’s sassy. What’s even better is the fact that every package is altered according to the shade of the lipstick it is made for. Being able to look at the shade without having to uncap the bottle, makes life slightly easier.

This line of lipstick has officially become my main ❤


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