Inglot Lipsticks (Matt and Glossy)

There’s MAC and Dior and Urban Decay, and it’s needless to say they get my heart racing every time I go on a window shopping spree. I’m calling it a phase, however I am starting to believe that my broke condition has become more of a lifestyle now, which is why as much as I long to become one of those top notch makeup hoarders with a fan following in millions, I am not (yet * fingers crossed *) in the financial state of achieving that level of crazy.

So, I resort to affordable makeup brands that are well within my budget and are just as good as any other renowned brands around the world.

Having lived in Dubai, where consumerism is second nature to natives and immigrants alike, our favourite pastime is to loiter around the alleys of glamorous malls stocked with all kinds of baits, to lure in shoppers.


In one such mall, and to my great luck, I stumbled upon Inglot.

Now, there are quiet a few things that I have purchased from their stores, but I would specifically like to talk about their lipsticks in this article.

Inglot has a variety of lipsticks including glossy and matt, which are going to be the highlight of this review.


I own two matt shades by Inglot, numbered 422 and 434. While 422 is a shade between mauve and violet, 434 is more of a rose pink. Both of these matt lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E, Avacado moisturizing oil and Macadamia oil.

Unlike some of my matt lipsticks, a few of which are from well-reputed brands, these matts soften and moisturize my lips. They don’t leave any kinds of cracks or tears during the aftermath. I believe that chapped lips are one of the most disappointing experiences to have with lipsticks.

On application, these lipsticks give a finished look and are long lasting to the point that there tint remains up to the next day on occasions when I get lazy to remove my makeup the night before (Highly unrecommended) .

All of these qualities aside my most favourite part about them is their fragrance. They smell like berries and I absolutely love that! It makes me feel extravagant.

Moving on the classic glossy lipstick shade number 134, which is of a darker maroon on the spectrum. This baby, too, is surprisingly long lasting and its application on the lips is as smooth as applying lip gloss. The classic lipstick has a slightly softer fragrance to it, which is, nonetheless, better than no fragrance at all.


While the textures of these lipsticks are different, there is not much difference in their quality, which by the way is amazing! I can say, without a doubt that these set of lipsticks are perhaps some of my best collections. They come packaged in a simplistic glossy black lipstick case, nothing to fancy but they stand out from the “crowd” and are easy enough to handle while applying lipsticks.

All three of them are below the range of Dhs100, which makes these products all the more desirable. For someone who loves makeup but is in a constant state of bankruptcy, Inglot is nothing less than a save haven.


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