Push Up, Meet Makeup

Today, what I’m reviewing is not really a makeup product. It is more of a trend/hack that one of U.A.E’s most recognised beauty blogger, Huda Kattan, had proposed to her followers.


There’s nothing to introduce here, the picture says it all, yes they are push up silicon pads and no they are not being reviewed for their primary function.

This trend spread like wildfire amongst the beauty moguls. Here are some of the reasons why push up silicon pads are being considered better than or a substitute for makeup sponges:

  1. Most importantly, unlike all the beauty sponges, silicon DOES NOT ABSORB MAKEUP. Which means, less wastage of our super expensive makeup products.
  2. They are just as good as makeup sponges and brushes, when it comes to application.
  3. They are relatively cheaper than high quality sponges/brushes (depending on the brand you choose)
  4. They are easy to handle, clean and replace.

So, I decided to give it a try and can say this without a doubt that Huda just saved me a lot of bucks. My personal experience with push up silicon pads has been amazing. As I have consistently mentioned through most of my articles, I’m not quiet financially equipped to spend a lot of money on make up, as much as I’d love to. Neither do I consider myself proficient enough to use high-end products without much knowledge of them. Therefore, I usually settle for economical substitutes and in case of make up sponges I have always just picked up a packet from Forever 21. Although, I love their line of clothing, I cannot say the same about the beauty sponges.


I tried all the hacks in the book (on the internet), dampening the sponge for reducing wastage, tearing them into half for even application, thoroughly cleansing my face before applying make up and more. Unfortunately, the sponges almost always left my skin with an unusual rubber like odour and various skin reactions. Needless, to say, I had preferred using brushes to sponges, but silicon pads changed the game. They are much smoother on the skin and do not leave any kind of odour behind.

As previously mentioned, my skin is rather sensitive and often it reacts to certain products that I use but the silicon pads left no sign of any kind of reaction. No pimples, no dry skin, nothing. Though, silicon works better with liquid than with compressed/powdered makeup products, blending and contouring with them is a cakewalk.  However, the fact that I purchased a pair from H&M for Dhs. 5 only, just stole the show!

I highly recommend this hack to all beauty and make-up lovers.



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