Desi Desserts: Billo Ice Cream

While it’s a bold statement to make that their kiosks serve the best falooda in the world, I would have to say that a selected variety of ice creams, faloodas and snacks at Billo are exceptionally good.


Can’t say that I haven’t had better. I am an Indian after all. When you’re a foodie who hails from Delhi, there is very little amusement you find in South Asian cuisines outside of the country.


Billo qualifies as an option in case of a casual afternoon plan with friends and kins. Their parlours are petite but warm and vibrant. I find the quotes and paintings on the wall rather entertaining. They scream DESI!

What’s even more amusing is the way their menu is constructed. Unfortunately, one has to be a South Asian or be able to understand Hindi/Urdu, to make sense of it, since Billo is a Pakistani dessert parlour.


At my first visit to Billo, I ordered a Pista Falooda (Pass Kar Ya Bardaasht Kar). You know what they say about making a first impression? Yeah, it worked! I really liked the falooda and I wanted to go back and try some more of their stuff. To my disappointment the next time that I visited them and ordered a Kulfa Falooda ice cream shake, I wasn’t as satisfied. Maybe I caught them on a bad day or maybe I didn’t13335449_1767851006830743_944602237_n

However, I believe, and I’m sure you’d agree, taste is subjective. I may not have liked something that another would probably love to gobble on.

The prices of their food aren’t sky-high expensive. They are an affordable lot. Billo has four branches in Dubai: Al Karama, Out Metha, International City and Qusais.


As I said, my taste may differ from yours. I have heard many, including some of my dear ones, appreciate the snacks and desserts at Billo. Their rating are Zomato ranges from 3.3 to 3.5. Anyway, here is my rating of the ice cream parlour.

Billo ratings.png



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