The Edge of Seventeen

Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Kyra Sedgwick, Haley Lu Richardson, Hayden Szeto, Blake Jenner, Woody Harrelson and Alexander Calvert

Director: Kelly Fremon Craig

Writer: Kelly Fremon Craig

Edge of Seventeen Trailer

The Edge of Seventeen isn’t a new movie. In fact, it was released in November 2016. So, most who’d have wanted to go for it have already read the reviews and everything has been said and done about the movie, by the critics. Obviously, it’s even out of the theatres by now. So why am I writing about it?

Well, an extremely special friend of mine asked me to do so. There we were, just a few friends, sitting around the table of a shady restaurant having lunch, making conversations, and he suggested that I review the movie. He said “The movie (The Edge of Seventeen) is all of us” and I wouldn’t put it any other way.

There are thousands of movies that shed light on the difficult teenage years, the stress of coping with peer pressure and what not, but this movie is relatable not only to teenagers but even to the ones in their early twenties. I’m twenty two (shhh!) and I cried my eyes off, right till the very end. It’s so relatable that if my advice was ever considered, I would have named the movie “From the edge of fifteen till the edge of twenty five”, although it wouldn’t have done as well as it did, with that name.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have been writing this review if there were even one part of the movie that I didn’t appreciate. I loved all of it. I want everybody who reads my review, teenagers and adults alike, to grab a DVD (or any other way 😉 ) and watch the movie.

It is a precise insight into the lives of middle school, high school and university students. Not, only does the movie highlight some of the toughest incidents that teenagers and adults in their early twenties suffer through, but it also depicts the lives of those around the ones suffering. Be it sibling rivalry, dysfunctional family issues, loss of a loved one, the heartbreak of breaking up with a best friend, the struggles of falling for a wrong person, stress eating, depression or the grief of loneliness, this movie has addressed it all and well.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that each scene of the movie is nothing short of reality. There is something for everybody to take away from the movie.

In my opinion, the movie has been produced so well that there is going to be at least one character of the movie that the audience will be able to relate to.

I don’t usually talk much about my life or myself on this page but for all those who truly know me, know that I’m a difficult person to deal with. I connected with the character of Nadine, which was played by Hailee Steinfeld, because I share the same characteristics as her and have been through some similar issues myself. This movie made me realise how hard I have made it for some important people in my life, and I can’t be thankful enough to them for sticking around.

This movie also sends an important message to both: help seekers and the ones who are sought for help. Depression is as real as any other disease. If you can be there for someone, please don’t step back, you can change his or her life for good. For all those who are depressed, do find someone you can share your feelings with, it is ALWAYS a good idea. Don’t, for a second, think that you’re burdening someone with your problems. This message is to all my friends out there and those who read this review, I’m always there to talk and connect with if you ever need my company. I don’t know how helpful I’d be, but I can promise I’ll be there. I’ll be your Woody Harrelson.

For those who watch movies with a purpose being influenced by it, this movie is a 10/10. However, if you’re looking for entertainment than reflection of reality, I’d rate this movie a 6/10 as there are a few of comical scenes, which would get a giggle or few out of you.


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