Authentic Italian Experience: Marco’s

I haven’t yet been to Italy but I do have some idea about its food, culture and lifestyle. After all, Italian is my favourite cuisine. So when my friends and I discovered a hidden gem in Wafi Mall, Oud Metha Road, we just had to give it a try and I must say I didn’t regret that decision, one bit.


The interiors of Marco’s were authentically Italian with a touch of modern day design.

Each nook and corner of the restaurant was airy and the its outdoor seating arrangements were as beautiful as sitting in an Italian garden.


Needless to say that the aura at Marco’s added to the entire lunch experience, it had a relaxing vibe to it.


Marco’s offers course meals. We were four people at the table and believe it or not, just a few bites of the starters had our bellies stuffed like a turkey on Thanks Giving.

For teasers, we were offered a variety of freshly baked breads, as is customary at most Italian restaurants.


While we began our lunch session with:

  1. Insalata Di Polipo (Octopus salad with taggiasche olives and red onions)…Dhs60unnamed-1
  2. Salmone Marinato Al Finocchietto (Organic fresh Scottish salmon with fennel)       …Dhs75unnamed-2
  3. Gnocchi (Italian dumplings with Gorgonzola cheese and chopped walnuts), which was a kind of pasta made from potatoes…Dhs75unnamed-10
  4. Risotto Ai Funghi (Carnaroli rice with Porcini mushrooms)…Dhs9516650163_1895061630776346_1758291535_n
  5. Pizza Napoli (San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella Firo Di Latte, anchovies, olives, chilli and oregano…Dhs65unnamed-11
  6. Pizza Marco’s (San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella Firo Di Latte, smoked duck breast, arugula and truffle oil)…Dhs65unnamed-13

The main course included:

  1. 1.Pollo Alla Cacciatora (Braised chicken with tomato sauce, green olives and mashed potatoes)…Dhs85unnamed-9
  2. 2.Scaloppine (Veal tenderloin scallopine in marsala sauce)…Dhs8516683125_1895061554109687_1427081356_n
  3. Costata Con Osso (Bone-in rib eye steak 350g)…Dhs180unnamed-8


With side dishes:

  1. Patate Al Forno (Oven baked potatoes)…Dhs35
  2. 2.Puré Di Patate (Mashed potatoes)…Dhs30
  3. Verdure Grigliate (Mixed Grilled Vegetables)…Dhs30 

The lunch was concluded with two lip smacking desserts:

  1. Tiramisú…Dhs35unnamed-6
  2. Torta Di Mele (Traditional Italian apple cake served with vanilla sauce)…Dhs35unnamed-5


Some of you might think that the dishes are slightly pricy, but all of them are worth each penny. The steak that we were served was aged for 45 days before it was considered worth putting on the table. Both, the scaloppini and the steak (medium rare) were rather tender and had absorbed flavours right down to their core.

I have previously dined at many Italian restaurants, but I loved Marco’s Gnocchi the best. Their chicken, which was marinated in tomato sauce, had its own amusing flavours.

At Marco’s they show keen interest in authenticity of their food and the way it is prepared. Most of the fruits, vegetables and herbs used at Marco’s are fresh and homegrown. They are quiet particular about using the best kind of Italian ingredients in their dishes and also believe in keeping it simple rather than complicating the dishes further by adding unnecessary ingredients.

Due to the amount of food that we had been offered I did not get the opportunity to try their wines, which too, have been kept in a perfect condition and the choices are many.


I don’t mean to boast, but the staff members are super-friendly and helpful. They make sure to entertain their guests and advice them as and when required.



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