Wet ‘n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss: That’s My Jam

I have this sudden obsession with all shades of purple and wine. So, when I tried on this gloss (and I haven’t tried on a gloss in years) its shine, texture and colour immediately appealed to me.

If, you’re familiar with the brand you know that their products are as affordable as a bag peanuts and their quality is pretty sufficient, too.

If you’re not familiar with the brand…well, which rock have you been living under? Also, now you know that the products at Wet&Wild are as affordable as a bag of peanuts and are of good quality.


What I absolutely love about the brand is that its animal cruelty free. It also has an exciting selection of glitter eye shadows and some really unique shades of lipsticks but I’ll save all of that for another review. Oh and they also have Unicorn themed makeup!

\ *O*/

Anyway. Moving on…

Coming back to “My Jam” that this lip-gloss is, there are certain things I absolutely loved about the gloss,  don’t quite like about it.


For instance, since I hadn’t applied lip-gloss for over 5 years, the memory of my long locks sticking to my lips had become quite faint until today when I headed out to show off to the world the new addition to my makeup kit. To my dismay, the thick texture made it all the more sticker.

I appreciate the fact that a lip-gloss with such a thick and liquid texture didn’t smug all over my face . Moreover, it didn’t leave my lips chapped or dry.


I must admit, however, that I’m disheartened by quantity of the gloss. It is shockingly lesser than what one would expect of a new product. Now, if I hadn’t made sure to pick up a sealed pack, I would have given them the benefit of doubt and assumed that I picked up a tester (the clumsy soul that I am). Unfortunately, I had to struggle and reach out to the bottom of the bottle to scrap the gloss out although I was using it for the first time.

I suppose the price of the gloss solves that mystery. It is available at many cooperative stores as well as Virgin Megastore, across UAE, for AED15. You read that right and no I didn’t make a typing error. The gloss cost me all of AED15.

So, should I really be complaining?….hmmm…


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