A SALTy Experience

There are two kinds of restaurants: the ones that have an extensive menu and the ones who fit their entire menu on a single page (beverages, sides and desserts included).

As much as a booklet menu gets me all excited because hey…more food to choose from and more to eat, there is something that I have come to notice about the ones who serve limited dishes. They know what they’re best at and they make sure that whatever it is that you order will become the highlight of your day.


Food trucks have become quiet a trend in Dubai and they are popping up at every nook and corner of the city. At the sea front, at the last exist of Dubai, at the beginning of a desert oasis and in front of corporate buildings. One of the first food trucks to ever successfully launch in Dubai is at the Kite Beach and they fall into the latter category. Salt.


Now, it took me a while to finally be able to make a plan with my friends (not bailout on  last minute) and get a taste of their burger. I was not disappointed. The burgers at Salt are perhaps one of the tastiest ones I’ve ever had. Irrespective of what burger you pick, whether you go for an Original or a Hook, it is bound to tingle your taste buds and have you coming back for more.

Not only are their sandwiches scrumptious but their beverages are satisfactory, too. While there is little alteration one can make to lemonades, their Lotus shake is a must try!

As I had mentioned previously, the food truck is located at the Kite Beach, so needless to say that the ambience is fab. It has a laidback and artistic feel to it. Summers in Dubai can be harsh, but they’ve made arrangements to make their costumers feel as comfortable as they can.


Their staff is extremely professional and friendly, I’ve even played jumbo Jenga with them.


Salt is pretty famous amongst the youngsters of the city and is often busy on a pleasant evening. Although, their prices maybe a tad bit higher than what you’d pay at fast food joints, but the quality and service of their food is worth each penny you’d pay.

The only downside to this otherwise awesome restaurant is that they don’t have many options for vegetarians and vegans. Their fries are pretty good though.

I highly recommend this food truck/restaurant to all the foodies and burger lovers. You can thank me later. 😉


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