Kulfilicous: A Trip Down The Memory Lane

When you’re away from your home country, everything that reminds you of it really gets you excited. I’m an Indian and I’ve lived in Dubai for most parts of my life, Dubai is home but I’m still Indian. Thankfully, we makeup a large population here so one can never really be homesick. Indian festivals, be it Holi, Diwali, Onam or Navratri are celebrated with just as much enthusiasm here as they are celebrated in India. Still, when you see something that reminds you of home it is bound to send you down the memory lane and reminisce over childhood memories.


Kulfi is one such treat that you have many memories of home linked to. I know I do. When the kulfi vendor came bearing a pot full of kulfi fastened at the back of his bicycle, all the children followed him as he took rounds of the colony attracting more young costumers, hanging over the pot of kulfi trying to assess which was a bigger piece and then savouring each drop of it with friends as it melted and streamed all the way down to our elbows. They were good old days.


So when Kulfilicious, an ice cream parlour, branched out in Barsha, an area close to my house, I had to go and give it a try. It wasn’t too hard to spot with a bright yellow banner at the end of the lane and a quirky auto-rickshaw parked a few steps away from the entrance.


As I walked through the door, it was like I had transported into a whole new world, altogether. Rugged white walls, posters of the movies from 70’s displayed on wooden poles, fake electrical wires across the room with kites hung on to them and funny signs decorated everywhere. If you’re a north Indian, you can already imagine a street from your hometown where ripped kites still dangle on electrical wires and poles from last Independence day celebration and roadside walls layers with movie posters, old and new.




After this detailed analysis of the interiors, I highly doubt you want me to explain what I think of the ambience. So, I’ll move on to the main topic: Kulfies and Faloodas. I have only one thing to say about them. They are as delicious as it gets. I have tried a few things from their menu, including malai kulfi falooda, pista kulfi, paan kulfi and mango kulfi, all of them exceeded my expectations. My personal favourite is Paan Kulfi. They have a wide variety of these rich and creamy ice creams to choose from. They also have a good selection of baraf gola/gandola (ice lollies) to choose from. I haven’t tried those yet so I can’t comment on them right now.
IMG_4696   IMG_4697IMG_6308

The staff members at the parlour are extremely friendly and the treats are pretty affordable. Best time of the day to try their kulfies would be for a dessert after a nice lunch or a stopover at the parlour while on a late night drive with family or friends. They will not disappoint you.



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