If you’re reading this, first of all thank you for wasting your time on making an effort of getting to know about my site when it is evident enough that it is basically about reviewing films, food, fashion and foreign lands.

But since you have “clicked an extra while” I would like to give you some information, which too is common sense but I just wish to make your click worth it.

Firstly, I want you to know I am currently a university student, so that automatically makes me broke through the year. Considering that besides paying for my uni fees, I need to feed myself and stay up-to-date with fashion, due to which my petite coffer hardly has any money at all, I can neither financially nor due to the constraints posed by academics, afford to watch all the movies. Therefore, I will only be reviewing certain movies which I find watch worthy.

Who made me the decision maker?

Well, no one really. But considering I am a final year BA student and 21 years old, I believe my decision in such matters should suffice.

If you are unable to find the review you’re looking for, there are always other websites, JK, you can ask me to review any movie, cosmetic or restaurant (please keep my everlasting financial crisis in mind), I will gladly do it. Foreign lands, on the other hand, seriously, TripAdvisor bro! *pfft*

What even are you doing on my blog? But since you’re here, feel free to look around, have fun, I hope you find something to make you want to revisit.

Oh and by the way, there is no secondly…


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